AskGamblers Awards
2018’s Best Affiliate Partner Nominee

We have an ethos here, at the 21 office - bring value to all we’re associated with. We’re proud AskGamblers have recognised this as we greatly respect what they do for the player, and for the operator. They are truly one of the best affiliates around.

One of the areas in which we’re best placed deliver value is with our affiliate program. At 21 Affiliates, we build partnerships that last a lifetime, holding ourselves equally as responsible for their wellbeing as we are for our own. We don’t simply concern ourselves with creating and maintaining a great product for our affiliates to promote, we also got to great lengths to maintain the very structure of our partnerships. We regard successful affiliates as crucial to our business and therefore provide the best service possible. We make sure our affiliate team have an in depth knowledge of the product, and fast response times.

In the current climate where compliance rules, we have a firm but fair approach and we feel this is very similar to what AskGamblers strive to deliver with their website. Open, honest and transparent communication is a foundation our affiliate program is built upon and one AskGamblers reciprocates. We’re not in the game of underhanded dealings, transparency is our policy. Since our conception, we’ve worked hard to set a new standard in the iGaming industry, not just with how we deal with our affiliates but how we deal with our customers at 21Casino. It is of the utmost importance to us that those who we encounter know exactly what we have to offer.

It’s really is a tremendous honour to receive this nomination from AskGamblers, an honour bolstered by our admiration for all they do for the industry.


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At 21 Affiliates we offer our affiliates a 24/7 support. We take pride in our high level of service and support. In case you have an inquiry please e-mail us at: or contact your affiliate manager directly.